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Our Digital Marketing Strategy

At Soft Web Expert, we strive to be your strategic growth partner by offering various digital marketing solutions that make our web design package complete. We understand the needs of your business and will formulate a digital marketing strategy that will get you the results you are looking. Our efforts will ensure that visitors keep coming to your website and that your brand keeps expanding, leading to a sustainable future for your business.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Your website needs increased visibility, meaning it has to be easily findable by search engines and appear in the top search results, and SEO is what makes that happen. We develop and modify sections of your website to effectively drive organic traffic and increase lead generation through well-formulated content. This easily translates to more visitors and more conversions. Although SEO take time to see actual results materialize, it is a worthwhile investment, considering the fact that people who come to your site using their own efforts are four times more likely to convert.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing

PPC is one of the most effective ways of making your business discoverable online, and Soft Web Expert are professionals at running PPC campaigns. We ensure that the appropriate audience sees your adverts by placing them appropriate places and appropriate times while being pocket friendly.

Without stretching your intended budget for paid advertisement, our dedicated team, who are also knowledgeable and experienced, will transform the way people discover your business on the World Wide Web and get results.

Social Media Marketing

To effectively share products with your target audience, establish relationships and enhance the reputation of your brand, a social media campaign is the best option. Soft Web Expert will formulate a campaign that takes advantage of your social media platforms, such as social networks, blogs, social directories and RSS feeds, to reach a wider audience of potential customers. We will promote your products and service in the least intrusive manner, increase the number of followers with your intended audience, widen your business networking capabilities and build long-lasting trust for your brand.

Email Marketing

Soft Web Expert uses a host of email marketing solutions, like email marketing software, bulk email campaigns and email branding, to provide you with one of the most affordable and cost effective marketing strategies. There is no better way to reach your targeted markets and facilitate business communications than through Soft Web Expert’s email marketing solutions. It can also assist you in gaining new customers and retaining existing ones, sustaining and growing your business simultaneously.

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